Status of Renewable Energy in Europe, U.S., and Japan


  • Pathom Attaviriyanupap Mitsubishi Electric Corporation



Photovoltaic, power system, renewable energy source, solar energy, wind power generation.


As a countermeasure to reduce CO2 emission and secure energy supply, usage of renewable energy sources such as wind and solar energy is supported by government bodies around the world. Although, renewable energy contributes to CO2 reduction and energy security, there are concerns about the potential negative impacts on power system operation because of the existing electric power system is not ready for a significant deployment of renewable energy sources, particularly wind and photovoltaic power generation which their outputs are varied with the weather condition. In this paper, the author summarizes current status and projection of wind and photovoltaic power generation in Europe, U.S. and Japan. Possible impacts of large penetration of these intermittent energy sources on power system operation are also addressed.


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Author Biography

Pathom Attaviriyanupap

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, Japan


Published In
Vol 14 No 3, Jun 10, 2010
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P. Attaviriyanupap, “Status of Renewable Energy in Europe, U.S., and Japan”, Eng. J., vol. 14, no. 3, pp. 57-70, Jun. 2010.