Research Trends and Outlooks in Assembly Line Balancing Problems


  • Parames Chutima Chulalongkorn University



assembly line, line balancing, ALBP research trends, layout based classification


This paper presents the findings from the survey of articles published on the assembly line balancing problems (ALBPs) during 2014-2018. Before proceeding a comprehensive literature review, the ineffectiveness of the previous ALBP classification structures is discussed and a new classification scheme based on the layout configurations of assembly lines is subsequently proposed. The research trend in each layout of assembly lines is highlighted through the graphical presentations. The challenges in the ALBPs are also pinpointed as a technical guideline for future research works.


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Author Biography

Parames Chutima

Department of Industrial Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok 10330, Thailand

Academy of Science, The Royal Society of Thailand, Thailand


Published In
Vol 24 No 5, Sep 30, 2020
How to Cite
P. Chutima, “Research Trends and Outlooks in Assembly Line Balancing Problems”, Eng. J., vol. 24, no. 5, pp. 93-134, Sep. 2020.

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