Distributed Model Reference Adaptive Control for Vehicle Platoons with Uncertain Dynamics


  • Agung Prayitno Thammasat University
  • Itthisek Nilkhamhang




distributed model reference adaptive control, cooperative tracking control, multi-agent systems, uncertain systems, vehicle platoon


This paper proposes a distributed model reference adaptive controller (DMRAC) for vehicle platoons with constant spacing policy, subjected to uncertainty in control effectiveness and inertial time lag. It formulates the uncertain vehicle dynamics as a matched uncertainty, and is applicable for both directed and undirected topologies. The directed topology must contain at least one spanning tree with the leader as a root node, while the undirected topology must be static and connected with at least one follower receiving information from the leader. The proposed control structure consists of a reference model and a main control system. The reference model is a closed-loop system constructed from the nominal model of each follower vehicle and a reference control signal. The main control system consists of a nominal control signal based on cooperative state feedback and an adaptive term. The nominal control signal allows the followers cooperatively track the leader, while the adaptive term suppresses the effects of uncertainties. Stability analysis shows that global tracking errors with respect to the reference model and with respect to the leader are asymptotically stable. The states of all followers synchronize to both the reference and leader states. Moreover, with the existence of unknown external disturbances, the global tracking errors remain uniformly ultimately bounded. The performance of the controlled system is verified through the simulations and validates the efficacy of the proposed controller.


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Author Biography

Agung Prayitno

School of Information, Computer, and Communication Technology, Sirindhorn International Institute of Technology, Thammasat University, 131 Moo 5, Tiwanon Road, Bangkadi, Muang, Pathum Thani, 12000, Thailand


Published In
Vol 25 No 8, Aug 31, 2021
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A. Prayitno and I. Nilkhamhang, “Distributed Model Reference Adaptive Control for Vehicle Platoons with Uncertain Dynamics”, Eng. J., vol. 25, no. 8, pp. 173-185, Aug. 2021.